Data Management

Ensuring the accessibility, reliability, and timeliness of data


Capstone provides Data Management capabilities that help our customers too plan, analyze and utilize data for system integration and decision support requirements. Managing Enterprise data to support mission requirements has become central to IT services and operational proficiencies. Our teams utilize Agile processes and methods to effectively define data management requirements, perform data services and produce data products for consumption by our customers.


Collection & Storage

Following best practices for database design, we identify the raw data that needs to be stored and architect data warehouses and lakes tailored for organization’s various structured and unstructured data.


To support analysis that often span multiple data sources, our architects and engineers collaboratively identify the various authoritative data sets needed, analyze the interfaces, and execute Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) processes to integrate data.


Leveraging integrated datasets, Capstone works with stakeholders to understand requirements and craft analytical solutions with tools such as R and Python to provide actionable insights to decision makers.


Using the raw results of data analysis, we develop interactive displays of data using Tableau and other industry-leading tools to produce compelling visuals.

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