Cyber Security

Adaptable and active security controls to meet digital assurance needs


We support our customers’ in their mission to proactively protect and defend the network from cyber-attacks. Capstone provides information assurance, application and network security, including Risk Management Framework (RMF) services that enable continued secure operation of mission essential IT capabilities.

In order to proactively attain Authority to Operate (ATO) certifications for systems and applications, our personnel are knowledgeable and experienced in working the RMF process. We support our customers security processes and controls including information assurance, DIACAP and RMF services. Our teams provide planning, assessing and validation capabilities to our customers; helping them navigate the transition from DIACAP to RMF processes and ATO monitoring procedures.

We also provide Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) support through monitoring and assessing cyber-attacks and intrusion efforts. Our personnel are experienced at monitoring and assessing situations where bad actors are attempting to infiltrate and threaten network and data security. We provide watch standers 24/7/365 in support of monitoring networks and ensuring defensive measures effectively deter cyber-attack efforts. This also includes User Activity Monitoring which provides the ability to identify malicious or unintentional insider cyber threat activity.



Capstone Cybersecurity professionals guide application and system owners through the RMF Bridge Conversion (RBC) process so customers critical systems remain authorized and available for mission functions.

Risk Management Framework

As new systems and applications are developed or changed, our analysts provide expertise throughout all steps of the RMF process leading to ATO. We assist in the selection of controls, production of RMF artifacts, validation with Qualified Validators, and post-ATO continuous monitoring.

Application Security

Security most be considered throughout the entire application lifecycle: design through sustainment. Our software developers integrate best practices such as multi-factor authentication within designs, static code analysis during development, and regular patching during sustainment.

Systems & Network Security

Our cybersecurity engineers follow best practices (DISA STIGs and SRGs) to secure networks and systems and defend data and users within.  Additionally, our team performs regular scans to proactively identify vulnerabilities and quickly remediate.

Watch Standing

With the constant threat of cyber-attacks, Capstone helps organizations maintain a healthy defensive cyber posture by monitoring systems for intrusion and assessing/responding to identified threats. For sensitive networks, we man 24/7/365 to maintain constant awareness and readiness to respond.

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